Creating content for International Women’s Day


For our client IZA we regularly publish articles on topical issues such as the minimum wage, immigration, and the future of work on IZA World of Labor. For International Women’s Day we decided to highlight relevant articles by creating and promoting content on issues such as the gender divide at work and female labor force participation.

Our featured article on the homepage was an article on Gender differences in wages and leadership and we created the following video to highlight some of the key points made in the article:

We also created an infographic on the same topic to target a more visual audience.

To highlight our author expertise, one of our authors wrote a commentary Should policymakers worry about a declining female labor force participation rate? which we promoted in a newsletter dedicated to International Women’s Day.

We then created a video called Women at Work Around the World to highlight gender gaps in employment around the world. The video used sources from our country labour market overviews.

How did you mark International Women’s Day?