Choosing your content marketing agency

Choosing a B2B content marketing agency

You want to bring your ideas and expertise to life to build engagement with your target audience. You want to produce content that separates you from your competitors and achieves your business objectives.

Using a dedicated content marketing agency can save time and resources and provide your staff with support. It also brings fresh ideas to your marketing strategy as your agency will be viewing your business from an outsider’s perspective.

But how do you go about choosing an agency? What makes an agency a good fit for your business?

The agency wants to get to know you

Nobody knows your customers or content better than you. Your agency should take time to talk to you about what makes you unique and what you hope to achieve with content marketing. You want to avoid an agency which treats you just like another client and assumes they can use the same tactics with you as they have with other previous clients.

They keep you in the loop

You’re putting a lot of trust and resources in your content marketing agency and therefore it’s important they keep having conversations with you about new developments, results and any obstacles that arise during the project.

They avoid using jargon with you

Digital marketing is changing all the time along with the language surrounding it. Agencies need to avoid using terms which may alienate their clients and should always explain industry-specific terms. If an agency’s presentation is riddled with jargon, it could be a sign that there isn’t much substance in their strategy.

Honesty is the best policy

A key part of being a content marketing agency is managing client expectations. It can be tempting for agencies to agree with whatever their clients want but in the end that can do more harm to your brand and the agency. You’re paying your content marketing agency to advise you, and that sometimes means them pushing back against your suggestions. This also includes being honest about what is and isn’t achievable. Although it would be great to get to number one on Google, no agency should ever promise this and you should be wary of those who do.

They challenge you

One reason for bringing on an agency is that “business-as-usual” isn’t working. Your agency’s job is to come up with ideas that challenge your comfort zone with the goal of achieving your business objectives. Your content marketing agency should be thinking outside the box to provide you with solutions that position you ahead of your competitors.

Once you have selected your content marketing agency your work life should become much easier. If you develop a good relationship with your agency then they’ll be there to support your work, help you be more be efficient, and achieve great results for your business.