How we celebrated Diversity Day

Team working

On 5 June Germany celebrated its sixth Diversity Day, an initiative of the Charta der Vielfalt association. The aim is to highlight how diversity contributes to strengthening company performance as well as addressing topical socio-political issues such as equal pay.

Our client, the Institute of Labor Economics, is a German institute based in Bonn, and Diversity Day was a natural fit for them. Below are some of the things Bloomsbury Content Service did on behalf of the IZA World of Labor to particpatein the day.

We highlighted and shared our content related to diversity in the workplace, including creating a landing page with relevant articles.

Our featured article on the homepage was Do anti-discrimination policies work? and it received additional promotion on social media throughout the day.

We shared our concise 40-second video Five ways to improve workplace diversity which summarises key points from relevant articles.

We highlighted our author expertise; one of our authors wrote a commentary Disability and labor market disadvantage which we promoted in a newsletter dedicated to Diversity Day.

How do you mark key awareness days?