Keeping your employees engaged through content marketing


According to Disenchantment, only 33% of employees are reported to be actively engaged at work, with a similar number actively disengaged. Whilst there is an abundance of literature on how to foster passion, energy and drive, content marketing can be a useful tool to keep employees engaged and motivated.

Adopting and implementing an internal content marketing strategy can help your company:

Celebrate successes with your staff

If your company has achieved fantastic end-of-year results why not write a blog post about it? A highlights video can be a great way to show that you recognise the hard work your staff put into producing a big event. Content can motivate your employees by involving them in your company’s success and making them feel proud to have played a role in achieving it.

Work together as one organisation

In organisations big and small it’s easy to get siloed and not interact with the rest of the company. You may be working for a company for several years before you realise there’s an entire department dedicated to video output. Unity can be even harder to achieve in international companies with offices around the world. A company-wide newsletter offers teams the opportunity to share updates, introduce new team members and invite feedback on projects. It can also help teams be more efficient.

Show your organisation’s good side

Evidence shows that workers are motivated by the greater good and have more commitment to an employer that promotes social causes. You can use content to highlight the work your company does and promote its corporate social responsibility. For example, you can tweet fun photos from the bake sales and charity dress-up days employees do for charity. And you can encourage employees to write a company blog about the voluntary work they’ve done for a social cause as part of a company-sponsored volunteer day.  

Engage your employees

If a company is its people, then let them tell your stories for you. Inviting staff to guest-write a blog post allows them to show off their achievements, share any lessons they’ve learnt, and make them feel like a stakeholder in the company.