The bridge between ideas and audiences

Many organisations with highly valuable and sophisticated expertise find there is a gap when it comes to delivering this knowledge to their audience in a way that is both accessible and engaging. Bloomsbury Content Services bridges this gap by working with the world's leading writers, storytellers and experts to produce and curate original content that is insightful, authoritative and delivers impact for your audience.


Content Marketing

Content marketing helps organisations to build lasting relationships with their audience. We work with businesses to help them tell their stories through social media, email, and website content.

Drawing on our extensive network of authors and experts, we offer tailored solutions from website content development and curation to serious thought leadership and high-profile event speakers.

Our bespoke services enable clients to license original Bloomsbury content, request custom content versions to fit house style or tone of voice or commission new original content designed to meet brand objectives.

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Publishing Services

Bloomsbury Content Services has the ability to leverage Bloomsbury Publishing staff and network of experts to support all of our clients’ publishing needs. Whether it is publishing/editorial strategy, commissioning content, managing the editorial process, digital/print design, production, web support, sales and marketing, global distribution or all of the above, we have it covered.

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Digitisation and Platform services

We work with archives and libraries to preserve their collections online and enable them to reach a wider audience. Offering a flexible service, we manage as much of the end-to-end digitisation and content transformation process as needed before publishing the collections on Bloomsbury's award winning SaaS digital archive platform.